24.5.19- The butterflies emerged from their chrysalis and the ladybird appeared from the pupae. We released our butterflies and our ladybirds into our outdoor area. 

We had our country dancing and maypole dancing afternoon.  We danced very well, we hope you enjoyed your cream teas and our performances.

May 2019- The Ugly Bug Ball- we ve had fun outside going on minibeast hunts. We had a mystery box with a letter asking us to look after some tiny eggs, which have changed a lot! The eggs hatched and we had Caterpillars which are now in their own chrysalis. We ve been retelling the story of the very hungry caterpillar. Take a look at our wonderful stories and information pages about different minibeasts.

2.5.19- m and m productions performed Alice in Wonderland this afternoon and you will see from the photos how amazing it was. The children enjoyed the story and the acting.

All about Spring!

26.3.19- Easter Experience- we had a lovely time at the church learning about each part of the Easter story. We learnt how Jesus washed his friend’s feet, how he broke bread with them  as well as writing and drawing our hopes and dreams.

20.3.19- Holi - we learnt about Holi-the Hindu festival,  celebrating and welcoming Spring.  We tried on beautiful clothes , made rangoli patterns and listened to our visitor explain all about Holi.

19.3.19 - Science Day- We began the day with a golden mile because the focus for the day was our bodies. We did an experiment with egg shells to find out the efffect of sugar on our teeth. Sam did our assembly and told us why we had saliva, ear wax, tears and snot in our noses. Then we went into our groups and made some lungs, a play-dough man with a skeleton to help him to stand upright and ear cones to help us learn why we have ears and how they work. Finally we met our grown ups at the end of the day to tell them what we had learnt. 

7.3.19- world book day - fabulous character t-shirts, reading buddies from otter class. A fun filled day of reading activities!

6.3.19 - Walk around the Local area - we walked around the streets near the school looking for different street furniture and to see the different uses of the buildings.  We completed a tally chart to show how many postboxes, shops, garages and hotels we found.  We learnt about some of the uses of the buildings before they became flats and offices.  One of the buildings used to be a boot and shoe makers but now has changed to flats people live in.  We put into practise crossing the road safely, something we have been learning about and practising on our playground.  We saw a pelican crossing, which we know is a safe place to cross.

6.2.19 - Maths Day - it was all about triangles!  We explored, investigated, created and reasoned all about the 3 sides, 3 cornered, flat, 2D shape inside, outside and in the creative area.

22.1.19 - Stay and play a board game - it was lovely to see so many parents armed with board games ready to support their children and their friends with turn taking and number skills to play the games. 

The children have been learning the talk for writing story Goldilocks and the 3 bears. They have been writing descriptions of Goldilocks for their Wanted posters as well as exploring and finding out the colours needed to make pink, brown and green to paint the characters.  They made porridge, looked at the changes that occurred when heat was added and finally tasted it!

"I made green! First I used the blue and a little yellow and it made bluey. I put some more yellow in to make it more green" - whilst mixing the paint she needed for the trees. 

"Mummy bear is making porridge....the porridge is ready but its too hot, so we will go for a walk" - a child retold the story whilst in the role play area. 

"that's daddy bears cos that's got more porridge.  That's mummy's because his has less in it. Mine is baby bear's because its got a little bit in it." - whilst tasting the porridge.

" its sticky!" - talking about the cooked porridge.

15.1.19 - Recycling/ Plastics awareness Art day - the children learnt about the damage that plastics are doing to our beaches and seas and the importance of recycling.  They learnt how we need to Reduce, Reuse and recycle items we use and not just automatically throw away.

9.1.19 - Happy New Year! We have begun the new year with a mystery.  We had a crime scene in the role play area and the children have been detectives using the recording magnifying glasses and recording clipboards to record with their voices as well as their pencils , the clues they found.

22.11.18 - Stay and Create - thank you to all the grown ups who attended our Stay and Create sessions for the children to learn new craft skills.  It has really helped to make some decorations for our classrooms and craft area.  Outside they painted cones and made leaf owls and hedgehogs as well as repeating pattern wrapping paper.

7.11.18 - Today we had our WW1 commemoration day.  The children dressed up as children, soldiers and nurses living during the war years.  We had a visit from Dan, who was dressed as a British soldier and who works at Wellingborough Museum.  He brought in artefacts for the children to see, touch and try on.  They found out what materials the helmets had been made from and how heavy some of them were. They also found out how hard tac biscuits were. It's well worth a visit to the museum, which is free!

Oct 2018 - The dental nurses came in to explain to us how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day and which foods are good and which are bad for our teeth.  We took home a little dental pack and we've been pretending to be dentists and patients in our role play dentist.

Autumn walk in Bassett’s Park - we had fun looking at and finding a variety of leaves and colours in the Park.

Oct - Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend come and see Marvellous Me! The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you and it was lovely to see you supporting them to practise writing their name using their cursive writing and improving their counting and fine motor skills with the pegs on the hedgehogs.  Outside it was nice for them to show you their counting skills when throwing beanbags into the net and recording the natural objects they could find for their colour hunt!  we look forward to seeing you next half term for our next parent involvement event.

Welcome to our new children in Hedgehog Class, who started school on Wednesday 12th September, looking very smart.  They have been learning new routines and names of their classmates and teachers.  They have also explored the learning areas in the classroom, craft area and outdoor area.


12.7.18 - Fire engine visit - the Children were shown all the equipment kept on the fire engine including the 4 ladders.  They learnt about the large tank filled with water, the fan and hoses and they all had a turn using the hose!  We wrote thank you letters to the firemen to thank them for coming to visit us. 

9.7.18 Maths Day - Just some of the learning activities are shown below.  These included the children comparing the weights of different presents, estimated, weighed and ordered them from lightest to heaviest.  In another activity they  worked out how they need to cut sandwiches for the correct number of people going to a party.  They also created repeating patterned hats using both different shapes and colours as well as sharing out 10 candles amongst 2 cakes in as many ways as they could.

26.6.18 West Lodge Rural Centre Trip - we  looked at all the animals and their young. We saw pigs and piglets, goats and their kids, geese and some goslings. We got a chance to brush the goats and stroke the guinea pigs. We also did some den making and went on a tractor ride with Farmer Ryan, who told us about the wheat he was growing in his fields and about the 170 sheep who had been sheared recently. He told us the female highland cows were the ones with horns and the males were the ones without any horns! We had a lovely day.

6.6.18 - Science day.  We had an assembly about some of the different forces we would be learning about.  This included friction and  gravity. We had fun investigating these as well as natural forces and air resistance throughout the day in the classrooms and with our grown ups, when they came in to find out what we had been learning about. 

5.6.18 - The children enjoyed going on a Gruffalo trail to map out the trail of different animals from the story.

18.5.18 We have been practising our Maypole and Country dancing in preparation for next weeks Cream Tea and Maypole Dancing afternoon.

We have learnt the Very Hungry Caterpillar using our T4W story map and tasted some of the fruits he ate.

16.5. 18 We had some interesting visitors of the creepy crawly kind!  Mr Tomalin kindly brought some stick insects, locusts and  Morio worms that turn into Darkling Beetles, into the classroom for the children to see up close and hold as a finale to our "Ugly Bug Ball" theme.  

23.4.18 - We had an special delivery this week.  We received some eggs with an note asking us to look after them.  We plugged in the incubator and the next day we noticed the eggs had started to pip.  Before long we had not one, not 2 but....... 9 chicks! We observed them change from wet, sleepy looking, wobbly, chicks to fluffy, chirping chicks!  We moved them to the brooder box to begin to feed. We have learnt about the life cycle and written sentences about the changes we have seen.

21.3.18 - Sports Relief Golden Mile - The Hedgehogs and the Owls ran a Golden mile around the Bandstand. We warmed up with a march to the park through our new gate.  We stretched and then found a pace we could keep going at.  We encouraged each other and enjoyed the Spring sunshine! 

20.3.18 - Easter Experience at St Barnabas Church

1.3.18 - World Book Day - the children and staff came dressed in their pyjamas with their teddy bears for bedtime stories.  Unfortunately due to the snowy weather we had to cancel parents coming in to read bedtime stories.  Here you can see the children sharing stories with their teddies.

26.2.18 - Gillian McClure, an author and illustrator visited the school and each class. Hedgehog class listened to Gillian tell the story using puppets and then retold it with the puppets, changing the ending to their own.  She showed us her original artwork and book for her story Prickly Pig.  The story was about a hedgehog looking for a home.  Some of the hedgehogs wrote a story about Prickly Pig and made prickly pigs out of clay.

29.01.18- Science Day - the children worked with Year 1 's and Year 2's to conduct their science investigations about solids, liquids and gases.  They predicted, observed and discussed their results.   In one investigation they measured out liquids to create a slimy solid. Another they observed the effect salt, pepper and sugar had on ice to find the best substance to put on a pond to enable ducks to swim again. The final investigation involved a chemical reaction to create gas to inflate a balloon!

9.1.18 - We had a visit from Vicki, from mini me yoga who helped us understand the importance of being kind to ourselves and others and how this helps our well-being.  We learnt some Yoga positions and how to be aware of our breathing by putting a teddy on our tummies! We learnt the snake, dolphin, giraffe, monkey, tree and happy pose.

Emmy - I liked being a mermaid and putting a teddy on my tummy.

Talaya - I liked being a monkey because we got to tickle our toes.

8.1.18- We began our new topic"Once upon a time..." with a crime scene in our role play area!

who made all that mess? The children were detectives collecting evidence. At the end of the day we collated our evidence and worked out who the culprit was........GOLDILOCKS!!

5.1.18 Christingle making and service. Rev Doug helped us to make christingles together in the hall before we had our Christingle service in the church.

7.12.17 - Experience Christmas - the children had a wonderful time at the church learning about each part of the nativity story.  They thought about what they could ask for forgiveness for as the wrapped thread around their star.  They drew a present for Jesus to put in their golden box and looked at a map to learn about the long journey Mary and Joseph had to take to get to Bethlehem. They also learnt about the shepherds. At the end they left their presents for Jesus by the manger.  Thank you to all the volunteers at the church who gave up their time to help the children gain a better understanding of Christmas.

28.11.17 - Maths Day - Hedgehogs received their number for the day, 11! We then explored what we knew about the number and investigated the number further to find new things about it.  Here are a couple of things we knew.

Alfie - it's one more than 10

Rio - it's one less than 12.

Sophia worked out how we could make it using numicon.  It's one ten and a one.

We used coins, base ten grids, numicon, conkers, stones, counting camels and compare bears to find different ways to make 11 inside and outdoors.

14.11.17- Science Day. Cosmic Chris impressed the children in assembly by showing how air is used to create a smoke rings through a drum using a smoke machine, and how a hover machine can work. We then did experiments in different classrooms using air.

9.11.17- Baptism at the church- We went to St Barnabas Church to watch and learn how people are baptised. Mrs Deamer chose children to be the parents and godparents and showed how the jug Ian used to fill the font and how the water is used to baptise a baby.

31.11.17 - Diwali Day. We spent the day learning about how Hindus and Sikhs celebrate the festival of light . Look at the beautiful clothes we tried on, the rangoli and mendhi patterns we created. We practised our letter formation inside the cards we wrote.

Making Bread like the Little Red Hen.  "It's a bit sticky!"  "I'm kneading it!"  "I'm making mine into a racing car." "Mines a hedgehog."  One child put her raisins inside her roll so there would be something sweet inside.

Please record any WOW moments from home and send them into to us.