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29.01.18- Science Day - the children worked with Year 1 's and Year 2's to conduct their science investigations about solids, liquids and gases.  They predicted, observed and discussed their results.   In one investigation they measured out liquids to create a slimy solid. Another they observed the effect salt, pepper and sugar had on ice to find the best substance to put on a pond to enable ducks to swim again. The final investigation involved a chemical reaction to create gas to inflate a balloon!

9.1.18 - We had a visit from Vicki, from mini me yoga who helped us understand the importance of being kind to ourselves and others and how this helps our well-being.  We learnt some Yoga positions and how to be aware of our breathing by putting a teddy on our tummies! We learnt the snake, dolphin, giraffe, monkey, tree and happy pose.

Emmy - I liked being a mermaid and putting a teddy on my tummy.

Talaya - I liked being a monkey because we got to tickle our toes.

8.1.18- We began our new topic"Once upon a time..." with a crime scene in our role play area!

who made all that mess? The children were detectives collecting evidence. At the end of the day we collated our evidence and worked out who the culprit was........GOLDILOCKS!!

5.1.18 Christingle making and service. Rev Doug helped us to make christingles together in the hall before we had our Christingle service in the church.

7.12.17 - Experience Christmas - the children had a wonderful time at the church learning about each part of the nativity story.  They thought about what they could ask for forgiveness for as the wrapped thread around their star.  They drew a present for Jesus to put in their golden box and looked at a map to learn about the long journey Mary and Joseph had to take to get to Bethlehem. They also learnt about the shepherds. At the end they left their presents for Jesus by the manger.  Thank you to all the volunteers at the church who gave up their time to help the children gain a better understanding of Christmas.

28.11.17 - Maths Day - Hedgehogs received their number for the day, 11! We then explored what we knew about the number and investigated the number further to find new things about it.  Here are a couple of things we knew.

Alfie - it's one more than 10

Rio - it's one less than 12.

Sophia worked out how we could make it using numicon.  It's one ten and a one.

We used coins, base ten grids, numicon, conkers, stones, counting camels and compare bears to find different ways to make 11 inside and outdoors.

24.11.17- thank you to parents for helping and joining in with our stay and create session. The children have produced some lovely decorations and creations with your support. We hope you enjoyed the session.

The Christmas tree with decorations the children made with their grown ups during stay and create Parental involvement day.
The Christmas tree with decorations the children made with their grown ups during stay and create Parental involvement day.

14.11.17- Science Day. Cosmic Chris impressed the children in assembly by showing how air is used to create a smoke rings through a drum using a smoke machine, and how a hover machine can work. We then did experiments in different classrooms using air.

9.11.17- Baptism at the church- We went to St Barnabas Church to watch and learn how people are baptised. Mrs Deamer chose children to be the parents and godparents and showed how the jug Ian used to fill the font and how the water is used to baptise a baby.

31.11.17 - Diwali Day. We spent the day learning about how Hindus and Sikhs celebrate the festival of light . Look at the beautiful clothes we tried on, the rangoli and mendhi patterns we created. We practised our letter formation inside the cards we wrote.

Making Bread like the Little Red Hen.  "It's a bit sticky!"  "I'm kneading it!"  "I'm making mine into a racing car." "Mines a hedgehog."  One child put her raisins inside her roll so there would be something sweet inside.

6.09.17 - Can you name the Nursery Rhymes these characters are from?  A fabulous array of costumes and characters for Nursery Rhyme Day.  

Hedgehogs have been learning to tell the story of the Little Red Hen using Talk 4 Writing. Our story map is below.

Please record any WOW moments from home and send them into to us.

22.9.17 - Hedgehogs have their first P.E lesson!

Hedgehogs busy exploring the playground, writing area, role play and craft area and getting to know their new friends in their first week of school!

12.9.17 - We have been using Talk 4 Writing actions and words to learn our daily routine.

08/09/17 A warm welcome to our new Hedgehogs who are starting school on Monday!

                                                  Hedgehogs 2016-17                                                            

27.06.17 - West Lodge Farm Trip. We bottle fed the cane lambs, groomed the ponies, had a tractor ride and learnt about the barley, grey sheep with black lambs, hazelnuts and rose hips as well as saw lots of different animals and their young. We also had a walk in the woods! 

20.06.17-Science Day - we had an assembly from Cosmic Chris and then we watched and did a variety of science experiments.

22-26.5.17 - Walk to school/Healthy School Week - Hedgehogs average for walking to school was 17 children out of 30 children.  Let's see if more of us can walk to or from school, especially in these summer months.  Research shows physical exercise makes your brain work better!  

 24.5.17 -  9 butterflies have emerged from their chrysalis and are fluttering about. We will be releasing them tomorrow as the finale to our "Ugly Bug Ball"  topic.

17.5.17 - Mr Tomlin kindly came in and brought some interesting mini beasts and insects for us to look at and for those brave enough, hold!

We held Morio worms that turn into Darkling Beetles. We also met Sally the large Stick Insect and some locusts that were at different stages in their development.

11.5.17- Stay and run a golden mile - thank you to all the parents who came along to Bassett's Park with us and warmed up and ran a golden mile around the bandstand with Hedgehog and Owl children, it was great fun getting fitter!

 27.4.17 - A strange package was delivered to Reception this week which said OPEN IMMEDIATELY. We opened it and discovered a small pot with a request to follow the instructions and look after the caterpillars inside. The children took at closer look at the caterpillars with the magnifying glass to find out how they moved and we looked at information books and the internet to find out more about them.

We've also been retelling the story of the very hungry caterpillar and sampling the fruits he ate before he spun his cocoon. We made a class tally chart and pictogram of our favourite fruit. We found out that's apples were the most popular and pears the least popular.


You can have a look on this website to see how you can help.

20.3.17 Easter Experience at St Barnabas Church -  the children went to different stations to learn about different parts of the Easter Story. They learnt about the garden of Gethemane and the last supper in a visual and practical way.

2.3.17 World Book Day - the children enjoyed being dressed in their pyjamas to have bedtime stories read to them by parents. Thank you to all the parents who kindly came in to help us highlight the importance of regular bedtime stories for children. We will be beginning our sponsored read soon. Hedgehogs also had fun sharing their favourite stories with reading buddies from Badger's class.

31.1.17 Stay and play a board game - we had a great turn out of parents on Tuesday to play board games with their children. They helped them with their number recognition, turn taking skills and understanding of how to play games with rules.

The cold January weather called for some exploring! We took a closer look at the changes to our playground and the effect of our hands on the snow and ice.

We had a WOW start to our new topic "Once upon a time...." on Monday 9th January!

Steve Smallman, author and illustrator of children's picture books, visited Hedgehogs and the rest of school to inspire the children.

He read his book Eat your greens Goldilocks, to help us to remember the importance of eating healthily and his version of the Ugly duckling, which helped us understand the importance of standing up to bully's. He also showed us how to draw a surprised hedgehog who had seen a superhero slug! He explained how we can show how a character is feeling in our illustrations. We were very impressed - "Wahoo, that is so cool," one of the children said when he saw the finished picture.

Stay and create 24.11.16.   We had a lovely time with parents helping their children to be creative in the outdoor, craft and classroom areas. The children and parents made some great models as well as decorations for our 'Let's celebrate' theme this half term.

Spike's birthday! 16.11.16 We celebrated Spike the hedgehog's birthday. We made a cake and iced it. We wrote cards and invitations and made cone and cylinder shaped party hats.

Puddles gets baptised. 10.11.16 We visited the church to see Reverend Fisher baptise puddles the cat. 

Autumn Walk - we looked for the signs of Autumn and tried to match the leaves to identify which type of tree they had fallen from.

Science Day. 21.10.16

We saw 2 Tawny Owls, 2 Barn Owls, a Little Owl, an African Scops Owl and an Eagle Owl. We were allowed to touch them with the back of our hands. We learnt that their hearing is 10x better than ours, they have talons and they can hear a mouses heart beat when they are flying 200m high! 

During science day we completed an experiment to test our sense of smell. We explored textures using our sense of touch outside by making rubbings of the textures we discovered. We drew the owls we saw, trying to include the features we learnt about.

Nursery Rhyme Day!

The children practised their turn taking and counting skills to play the Incy wincy spider game. They sequenced the Jack and Jill rhyme as well as played a listening game to work out which nursery rhyme the music played was from. Outside they built a wall for Humpty Dumpty, explored a range of instruments to sing nursery rhymes of their choice and went on a nursery rhyme jigsaw hunt.

11.10.16 Thank you to all the parents who attended our "Come and see Marvellous Me!" event today. The children enjoyed your visits and showing you what they were learning. We hope to see you again at our next parents event in school next Friday (mums, grans and aunties come and read ) and next half term. Look out for information in next half terms curriculum letter.

We've been learning to retell the story of the Little Red Hen using talk 4 writing actions. We've also learnt how to make hedgehog bread rolls.

The children looked at the changes after they baked them. These were some of their comments when they touched, smelt and ate them. "It's all soft." " It's a bit harder on the outside." "They've changed colour. They' re a peachy colour" "They're brown now." " Its a bit crunchy on the outside and a bit soft inside."

An artistic Friday! The children looked in a mirror at their faces and learnt how to mix colours to create a painting of their face. They also used marbling inks to print swirling patterns using cool colours. The children learnt about Picasso painting in blue and green when he was sad (his Blue Period) and red and orange when he was happier (his Rose Period.) They created Picasso inspired artwork, learning how to mix white to make lighter colours and black to make darker colours. 

We have started to celebrate Harvest! We visited the church and saw the wonderful displays about the harvest of the sea, earth, grain, garden and flock.

Hedgehogs first week in school! We've  been making new friends, learning new routines and earning a lot of dojo points.

Hedgehogs 2015-16

African art day. We created Anasi story artwork and African patterns using polystyrene printing pads and printing ink.

African Land Snails visit Hedgehog Class.

Visiting the church to see the prayer corners.

The firefighters brought their fire engine into the playground for us to see! They explained what each part was for and gave us a fire safety talk. We have to ask our mums and dads if our smoke alarms work at home. We learnt not to play with matches or to pick up lighters and we looked through the heat seeking camera. 

Science Day Activities. We experimented with chalk colours, grating chalk on to water and observing it create a layer on the surface and larger chunks sinking below. We printed pictures by laying paper on top. We made and tested kites and observed salt crystals partially dissolve into watery paint. We also tested different vegetable and fruit juices to see which made the best dyes to paint onto cloth with.