The governors and staff at St Barnabas Church of England School fully recognise the contribution that they make to safeguarding children.  We recognise that all staff and volunteers have a full and active part to play in protecting our pupils from harm.  Our school procedures for safeguarding children are in line with Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Partnership(NSCP).

We wish to work with parents and carers to ensure the best possible care for all children.  Occasionally this may involve situations about which we have cause for concern to be referred to the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub who will advise us on how to deal with the concern.

Our prime concern is always the well-being of our pupils and, if we act, it is to protect the individual.  Every school is required to have a Designated Safeguarding Lead and at St Barnabas Church of England School this is currently Mrs Sue Campbell, the Head Teacher assisted by  Mrs Fiona Hull, Headteacher, Mrs Claire Hamilton, the Family Support Worker and Miss Harriet Fitzsimmons, the SENCo who are deputy designated safeguarding leads.

Any child in need, or at risk of significant harm will be reported to Mrs Campbell, Mrs Hull,  Miss Fitzsimmons or Mrs Hamilton in the first instance and they will contact the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub if appropriate.  You will be informed if the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub have been contacted, unless by doing so, it is considered to be placing your child at risk.

For further information, please see a full copy of our Safeguarding Policy in school information/policies or alternatively contact the school office for a hard copy.   Our safeguarding governor is Mrs. Debbie Dymock who can be contacted through the school office.

If you have any concerns about a child then please contact:


Mrs Fiona Hull

Mrs Fiona Hull- Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Harriet Fitzsimmons- Deputy designated Safeguarding Lead    

Mrs Sue Campbell    Designated Safeguarding Lead


or alternatively contact MASH on 0300 126 1000