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Badger Class Teachers- Miss Elizabeth Alex and Mrs Caroline Bovenzi- E.Alex@stbarnabas.pdet.org.uk

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Spring 2 Curriculum Overview

Wonderful Wellingborough

We are storytellers!

Today we enjoyed a visit from the Iroko storytelling group.  We performed stories and linked them to drama and music.  We had a brilliant day.

We are fit kids!

On the 20th January we enjoyed a visit from Fit Kids.  Daniel played lots of games with us about healthy eating and how we can keep our bodies healthy.  We had lots of fun!

We are artists!

We looked at the artist Pablo Picasso and the colour palette he used during his blue period and the period following that.  We drew portraits of our teachers using either a blue palette for sad portraits or a mixed colour palette for happy portraits.

Spring Term 1

Welcome back to the Spring Term.  Please find below our curriculum map for this term.  It's going to be another busy term!

Term 3 Overview - A Pirates Life.pdf .pdf


The children in Squirrels and Badger class have enjoyed learning new cycling skills with the Bikeability team.  Some of us can now ride our bikes without stabalisers.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview - Autumn 2

Term 2 Overview - A Toys Story.pdf .pdf

We Are Sculptors!

We looked at the sculpture 'Maman' by the artist Louise Bourgeois.  We worked together using different sculpture techniques to create our own version.

Welcome back to the Autumn Term!

We are looking forward to working together with all our new Year 1 families this year. 

Please feel free to catch us on the door in the morning or after school if you have any concerns or email us on






Here is a copy of our curriculum overview for Term 1.  In addition to the subjects listed on the overview, the children also receive a daily phonics session and a daily handwriting session.

We are going to be very busy!

Year 1 Curriculum Overview - Autumn 1

Term 1 Overview.pdf .pdf