Adventure Area

I think the  adventure playground is really good. My best part is the obstacle course. - Muftah

I think the  playground is amazing. My favourite part is the slide. I like going down. - Aasia

I love the  adventure playground especially the climbing frame and wonky bridge because I feel brave and I like going up the steps to play. - Kyle

I really like our  play equipment because it is under the lovely shady trees. We have lots of fun and exercise too. - Tom

I love the  adventure playground because there's lots of secret places to hide like behind the bushes and the giant bamboo. I like playing on the wobbly bridge the best! - Samuel

What I like best about the  adventure playground is the climbing frame and the climbing wall. - Madison

I love the  adventure playground. It is so much fun, it's like being in a jungle. My favourite is the climbing frame, the slide with wood steps, the wooden pole that you can slide down. It is BRILLIANT! - Joseph