School Council

Our School Councillors:

Squirrels - Deniz and Oliver R

Badgers - Stanley and Sophia

Kingfishers - Isla and Alyssa

Otters - Tifani and Romeo

School Council Prayer

Dear God

Please help all of the school councillors over the world with good ideas to make our schools a better and fun place.



Tuesday 8th November

What we talked about: 

  • How playtimes have improved (actions from last meeting)
  • Anti-bullying Week

We decided:

  • Ask Mrs Campbell about the playhouse opening and bottom playground swaps
  • Speaking roles in the assembly on anti-bullying
  • Everyone to jump up in the playground shouting "We have the power to stop bullies"


Tuesday 18th October

What we talked about: 

  • How to make playtimes more fun and keep everyone safe

We decided:

  • Open the playhouse outside year 1 classrooms
  • Have a competition to design a poster chowing kind playground games
  • KS1 to have a turn on the bottom playground and reception to come to the top
  • Have Lego/cars outside (maybe next to the playhouse)
  • Playground leaders to demonstrate sensible games