1 Week Left!!!

Can you believe we only have 1 week left until the summer holidays?! We have planned your last set of challenges for you but the most important thing next week is that you come and say goodbye to us on Tuesday. Please let us know if you can make it so that we can treat you to an ice-lolly. See you soon.

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Hello Kingfishers!!

We hope that you have had a good week and enjoyed the home challenges. Well done to this weeks Kingfisher champions! It could be you next week so keep on working hard!

We sent out an invitation to you this week to join us on Tuesday 14th so that we can say our goodbyes before you move up to your new schools. It will also give some of you the opportunity to spend some time with your new teachers. We really hope to see as many of you as possible. Let us know if you can make it.

Have a fun weekend.

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Happy Friday Kingfishers!

We hope that you are all safe and well. It is getting closer and closer to the summer holidays but please don't stop all of your fantastic work just yet. Your new challenges are below. Enjoy your weekend.

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Hello Kingfishers!

Thank you for all continuing to work so hard at home! We are still enjoying seeing and hearing all about the exciting ways that you are learning.

Your new challenges are below but please don't forget about Purple Mash, Sumdog and Spelling Shed. 

Stay safe.

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Happy Friday Kingfishers!

We have come to the end of another week. Well done to our class champions! Keep up the good work. 

I have put next weeks challenges below. One of the activities has 3 levels to chose from.

Have a lovely weekend. Fingers crossed for some sunshine.

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Hello Kingfishers

We hope you are all safe and well and enjoying your home learning! We have seen some fantastic photographs of the activities you are doing at home and we love how you are working so hard on your challenges! Keep looking at Purple Mash, Sumdog and Spelling Shed.

We are now entering week 2 of this term and below are your new challenges. 

Take care and social distance!

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Hello Kingfishers!!!

We hope that you have had a fabulous week in the sunshine! We are entering a new term and have planned some fun challenges for you to complete at home. Please don't forget about Purple Mash, Spelling Shed and Sumdog. Keep in touch with us by email because we love to see the exciting ways that you are learning at home.

Take care and stay safe.

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Spelling Shed Champions - 2nd Week in a Row!!!

Hello Kingfishers

We have reached half term so time to have a well earned rest and enjoy some fun family time!

No new challenges, we will be putting some more on here next Friday! 

Great work on Spelling Shed Kingfishers - well done!!!

  Take Care and stay safe.


Well done Kingfishers!! You are this weeks Spelling Shed champions!! We are very proud of you. Keep up all of your hard work and stay in touch with us because we love watching and hearing about all of the inventive and interesting ways you are learning at home. Remember the activities on Purple Mash, Sumdog and Spelling Shed, and the challenges that we set you each week.

Take care.

Hello Kingfishers!

I hope that you are all staying home and safe. We are enjoying seeing what you've been up to by email or on Purple Mash. Some of the work that you are doing is amazing and you should be very proud of yourselves. Keep in touch with us.

Here are your new challenges. 

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Hello Kingfishers!

Thank you so much for keeping in touch with us!  We can see all of your hard work and are very proud of you.

We have an extra (important) challenge for you this week. Please can you draw us a small picture of yourself, just your head and shoulders, and send it to Miss Lewis by Friday.  The size needs to be approximately 6cm x 8cm.

Also we have some exciting news!!!! We know how much you are all missing each other so now you can message your friends (and us) on Purple Mash.  Remember the rules for being kind online.  We have given you some instructions for these messages to help you to get started. Enjoy!!

Take care and stay safe.


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Hello Kingfishers!

We hope that you are all safe and healthy and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Well done to all of you that are accessing the activities we set, Purple Mash, Spelling Shed and Sumdog! We have seen some fantastic photographs of some of your work and some of the other ways that you have chosen to learn. We can see when you have used Purple Mash, Spelling Shed and Sumdog but if you choose not to carry out you r learning this way please keep in touch regularly by email. You can message either Myself (Mrs Ricks) or Miss Lewis.

Here are your activities for the week beginning 27th April.

Assembly Songs

Hello Kingfishers, below are the links to the assembly songs for this term, we know how much you love to sing! (Every time we hear 'Dance Monkey' we think of you all, we can't wait to hear you all singing it to us again!)

Welcome Back Kingfishers!!

We hope you had a great Easter break! We are now starting a new term of home learning and hope that you are excited to kick start a new set of activities on Monday morning.

BIG NEWS... We are holding a school competition for the class that uses their Sumdog, Spelling Shed and Purple Mash accounts the most!  Kingfishers have a reputation as winners and I know that you will want to maintain that title!! We will also be awarding dojos to the children who complete their work on any of these websites. 

I have attached your new activities for the week and a timetable guide to access if needed. Keep in touch Kingfishers.  


We have reached the Easter holiday Kingfishers! Time to have a break and relax with your family. 

Well done for all of the work that you have been doing at home. I have set some '2Do' tasks on Purple Mash and there are some spellings on Spelling Shed if you want to take a look. The next home activities will be put on here on Friday 17th April but until then enjoy some family time.

Take care, stay safe and enjoy all of your chocolate treats.

Mrs Ricks & Miss Lewis

School Closure Activities for Week 2 - Beginning 30th March 2020

We would love to see some of the wonderful work that you are doing at home so send us a photograph by email to make us smile!

Stay home and stay healthy!


We hope that you are all staying safe at home and that you are spending some time on your learning.

We have planned lots of different activities for you and are sure that your grown-ups are either helping you with these or using their own fabulous ideas.

Keep smiling everyone!

School Closure Activities for Week 1 - Beginning 23rd March 2020

Science Day 17th March 2020

We celebrated British Science Week - Our Diverse Planet during our Science Day. The day began with a fun assembly by Sam Mallet from Wrenn School, she showed us lots of different science based investigations. Back in class we completed 4 different activities.

Diverse Places - Don't tip the ship. Cargo ships have been around for hundreds of years, transporting goods around the world. We made a paper ship, then used a plastic tub as a ship and investigated how we should evenly spread the load so it didn't tip.

The World Around Us - Invertebrate hotel. Our amazing planet is home to a variety of different animals. We went on a tour of our school grounds and made a note of which creatures could be found where.

Diverse People - Playground Games. After watching a video of Libby Clegg ice skating and a video showing the view she had, we attempted playground games wearing sight restricting glasses. It was really tricky to do the things we normally take for granted.

The World Around Us - Clever camouflaged animals. We thought about creature adaptations and the diverse world that surrounds animals. Using paper butterflies we camouflaged them to various objects within the classroom.

We all had a great day investigating and experimenting!

James Carter Poet Visit 13th March 2020

We were lucky to have a visit from James Carter who is a poet. Prior to his visit we viewed his website, learnt facts about him and wrote some questions that we could ask him during his visit. Our day started with a whole school assembly where James shared some of his poetry and read one of his books. James then spent time with us in class writing a Kenning's Poem (two words per line, the second word ends in er) about a lion. He left us to write our own Kenning's Poem, titled 'What Am I?' which some of us read out during an assembly at the end of the day. We had a great day, Thank you James!

PDET Faith Roadshow 12th March 2020

Year 2 visited the Kettering Conference Centre for a Faith Roadshow. There were 10 individual stations with practitioners that told us all about different faiths, including Janism, Judaism, Christianity and many more. We had a great morning trying on clothes, tasting food and making comparisons between faiths.

The Hobbit 11th March 2020

M & M Theatre productions came to visit us again, this time with their version of The Hobbit. There was lots of cheering and booing to be heard all around the school. 'That was great' was heard as we left the hall.

Golden mile for Sport's Relief 9th March 2020

On a cloudy afternoon we completed our golden mile (7 Laps) around the bandstand for Sport's Relief. Some of us were very sweaty and out of breath when we had finished!!

World Book Day 5th March 2020

To celebrate World Book Day this year we invited our parents in to use a potato and turn it into a book character. They looked amazing, we had some very imaginative designs. During our day we shared a book with some of our year one friends, as well as our parents, completed a book review of our favourite book and made our own book mark. A busy day was had by all.

Warwick Castle Trip 4th March 2020

To start our castles topic we visited Warwick Castle. We were able to identify various features of the castle such as the ramparts, portcullis, spiral staircase (which was hard work to climb!) and the keep. The view from the top of the Mound was amazing, the Kingmaker was a little scary and the Birds of Prey show was incredible. What a great day we all had!

Art Gallery 7th February 2020

Following on from our art day we turned our classroom into an art gallery. Parents were invited in to view our beautiful art work and for a small donation, they could take it home. We were all very proud of our work, the classroom looked great! Thank you all for your generosity, the money will be used for more art and DT supplies for our school. 

Art Day 30th January 2020

Jackson Pollock was the artist we focused on during art day. Our day started off with an assembly all about Jackson Pollock then in class we thought of questions we would like to answer about him. After completing some research we found out many facts, he was born in 1912 and died in 1956, aged just 44. He was an abstract artist, who was often grumpy, and many pieces of his work reflected this. We created several pieces of work using his 'drippy' style and technique. A great day was had!

Recreating The Great Fire of London 13th December 2019

To finish our Great Fire of London topic we all made a Tudor style house. We lined them up on the playground, close together to recreate the London streets of 1666. Whilst they burnt we all sang our version of London's Burning.

Christmas Jumper Day 13th December 2019

To support Save the Children we all came into school wearing our Christmas jumpers, we looked great!

Math's Day - Measurement 18th November 2019

We had so much fun exploring measurement on Maths day. We followed a recipe and measured out the ingredients to make our own mocktails, made snakes of varying lengths using playdough, measured and ordered a variety of sticks outside, used Numicon to make the scales balance and built models using different construction that we could also measure. Please also ask us about our investigation to find out if the tallest child had the longest feet, we had some interesting results and found out that it is sometimes true but not always.

Visit to the United Reformed Church 14th November

Our second church visit was to the United Reformed Church on the High Street. What a wet walk we had! Liz spoke to us the church, its unique features and what the church is used for. We even learnt its nickname which is The Pork Pie Church! After visiting both churches we were able to make comparisons between them, thinking about what was similar and what was different.

Visit to St Marks Church 13th November 2019

A very excited Kingfisher class walked to St Marks Church on Brickhill Road, it was a long walk. Father Ben told us all about his church, when it was built (1970), why people attend the church and discussed the features of it. He showed us how he would conduct a Christening, share Communion and let some of us wear the clothes he wears at special times during the Christian calendar.

Diwali 6th November 2019

Although Diwali was celebrated during half term we had a Diwali afternoon in school during the first week back. We recapped the story of Rama and Sita and the meaning of Diwali. Activities included making Diwali cards, completing Rangoli patterns and Diwali word searches.

Superhero Day 23rd October 2019

To end our Superhero topic we all came to school dressed as Superheros, even the teachers!! During the day we used our knowledge of the 5 food groups and the chopping and grating skills we have learnt to make a healthy pizza, created a cartoon strip, communicated in superhero code and completed other superhero based activities. A great day was had by all!

Superhero City scene 22nd October 2019

We thoroughly enjoyed creating our Superhero City scene piece of art work. Carefully we cut our buildings out of newspaper, varying the shape, length and width. Using a black pen we outlined them and added detail. The final additions were a superhero, a flash contain a superhero word and some glitter. They look amazing!

Design Technology October 2019

A letter arrived from Spiderman asking for our help to design a healthy sandwich that would give him enough energy to complete all his superhero missions. We learnt about the 5 different food groups and the importance of eating a variety of foods. During a tasting session we choose the foods that we would include in our sandwich. Then we practiced the skills we would need like chopping and grating. Finally we were ready to complete our design, ensuring it met all of Spiderman's needs. We followed this to make our sandwich. Evaluation was the final process where we thought about what did and didn't work well and any way in which we could improve our sandwich.

Making a Supertato 27th September 2019

What great fun we had today making our very own Supertato! They look amazing, the children were very creative. 'This is the best day ever!' was heard several times.

Library opening 13th September 2019

After weeks of trying to have a peak through the keyhole we finally got to visit our new, incredible library. We were amazed!! 'I feel like I'm in a dream!' 'Wow!' Were just a couple of the comments that were made.

RE 10th September 2019

As an introduction to our Muslim topic we thought about people that are important to us and drew these onto a heart. We learnt the Muslim name for God is Allah and drew where we thought God might be.