Otter class 2019-2020

Otter class spent a super afternoon taking part in lots of activities and experiments all about the human body.

As a WOW to end our topic we came to school dressed up as  our favourite superheroes. We were given the task to make a healthy pizza and had to use all of the skills that we have been practicing including chopping and grating! We also took part in lots of other fun activities such as creating a cartoon strip, cracking superhero codes and superhero yoga! 

A Very Special Letter

Today a letter arrived at school from Spiderman asking for our help to design a healthy sandwich that would give him enough energy to complete all his superhero missions.  As we have been learning about the 5 different food groups and the importance of eating a variety of foods we are obviously the perfect children to do this! During a tasting session we choose the foods that we would include in our sandwich. Then we practiced the skills we would need like chopping and grating. Finally we were ready to complete our design, always making sure that it met all of Spiderman's needs. We followed this to make our sandwich. An evaluation was the final process where we thought about what did and didn't work well and any way in which we could improve our sandwich. Yum!


As part of our Superheroes topic we have been looking at the book 'Supertato' and today the children had the opportunity to make their very own Supertato using various different resources.

RE art work September 2019

We learned that Muslims have 99 beautiful names for Allah, each with an English meaning.  We created these using Islamic symbols.