Otter class 2019-2020

Last Week!!  Where has the time gone!!  I can't wait to see most of you on Wednesday!

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Hello!!Only two weeks left to go!  Hope you are all doing well with your home learning challenges and well done to those of you doing your purple mash jobs.

We have sent you an invitation on parentmail to join us at school on Wednesday the 15th July 2-3pm for a farewell chat!  You will also be able to meet your new teacher.  We hope you can make it.  Please message me to let me know so I can make sure I have enough ice lollies!!!

Take Care

Mrs Gould

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Hi Otters!!  I hope you are all ok!  It is just not the same at school without you all!  I'm sure you have enjoyed the sunshine this week and done lots of outside activities.  Enjoy the home learning this week!  Only three weeks to go!

Stay Safe

Mrs Gould

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Hello lovely Otters!  I hope you are all keeping well and working hard at home.  Here are your new learning challenges.  I haven't heard from many of you in the last couple of weeks so please keep messaging me to let me know you are ok and how you are getting on.  If you need anything you know where I am.

Take Care

Mrs Gould

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Morning Otters!  Hope you have all had a good week and not got too wet in the rain!  Here are next weeks challenges.  Keep sending me messages of all the brilliant work you have been doing.  I haven't seen many this week and it really does cheer me up to see what you have been up to.  Well done to last weeks online winners.  Let's see who it will be this week.  Not many children are using spelling shed so I wonder if we can have more children on there next week!!

One of the activities for this week is in three levels to choose from.  I also have the answer sheets!  If you would like these to help, just message me and I will send them over to you!

Stay safe everybody

Mrs Gould

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Hello Outstanding Otters!!  I hope you all had  lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine.  New challenges below.  Please keep sending those messages with your work, I really love to see them.  Winners for Purple Mash, Sumdog and Spelling Shed will be announced later today!  Could it be you???  Well done to those winners, I wonder who it will be next week.  Keep working hard!

Take Care, Mrs Gould

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Hi Otters, Enjoy your half term!  No new challenges today, just enjoy the sunshine and have lots of fun.  New challenges will be put on here next Friday!  Brilliant news on our purple mash championship and Sumdog this week!  Lets see if we can get all three next time so stay using these and get on Spelling shed too!  Take Care

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Hi Otters!  I have received so many great emails showing me the brilliant things you have been up to at home this week and I am so proud of everyone for keeping up the hard work.  I can see that lots of you are very busy on purple mash and have enjoyed sending emails to me and your friends which has been lovely!  A few of you are doing amazingly well on Sumdog and spelling shed but we need more of you doing this if we are going to win the school challenge!  If we have ten of you on Sumdog this week we get entered into a competition with other schools too which would be very exciting!

Here are your next learning challenges.  Please ask your grown ups to keep in touch and let me know what you have been up to not just with your learning challenges but with other fantastic things too like baking, building, gardening, bike riding, shoe tying or anything else you have had fun with or are proud of!  I am putting dojo's on for all of these things!

I am still keeping my fingers crossed we get to see each other soon but until then, keep smiling and staying safe!

Mrs Gould

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Hello Everybody!  I am so pleased with all the fantastic messages and photos I have been getting showing me how busy you all are!  Keep up the good work.  I have an extra challenge for you this week to draw me a small picture of yourself, just your head and shoulders, and send it to me by Friday please.  Extra dojos for everyone who manages to do this!  (Size: 6cm x 8cm approx.)

Here are your next challenges.  See how many you can get done!  Looking forward to seeing some more fantastic work.

I also have exciting news!!!! You can now message me and your friends on purplemash.  Remember the rules for being kind online.  The instructions for doing this are below with this weeks challenges.

Stay safe everybody!

Mrs Gould

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Hi again Otters.  I am missing you all lots but am loving the messages and photos I am receiving seeing all the brilliant things you have been up to.  Please keep them coming!

Well done to those children who have managed to use purple mash this week.  Fantastic!  Some of you are scoring brilliantly on Sumdog and Spelling shed too.  Hope to see lots more of you on these sites this week if you can.

New home learning challenges below.  Keep smiling and having fun!  Dojo's are looking good, let's see if we can get more this week!

Take care

Mrs Gould

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Hello Otters!  Hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed some chocolate treats!  I have added some new home challenges for you (and a suggested timetable that could be used when learning from home).

Remember to logon to your purple mash account too as I have set some 2do challenges for you to complete.  We are also having a school competition to see which class has been on sumdog, spelling shed and purple mash the most.  I'm sure that the Otters can win!  I will be putting dojos on for children who do work on any of these websites.

Keep sending me emails of your fantastic and fun activities at home.  They really do brighten my day!!  I also give dojos when I hear about your work from your grown ups.

Parents, if you need any help, please feel free to email me too.

Hope to see you all soon but until then keep smiling!

Mrs Gould

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Enjoy a wonderful Easter break with your family.  I have put a few fun Easter tasks on Purple Mash in the 2do section.  I am really enjoying photos and messages of what you have all been up to.  Makes me smile everyday!!  Keep sending them to my email and I will get back to you!  Stay safe everybody and look out for the next home learning challenges on this page on 17th April.

Take Care and enjoy eating Easter treats!

Happy Friday everyone!  Here are your learning challenges for next week.  If you would like to send me photos or scans of some of the work you have been doing, I would love to see them!!  Parents can e mail them to me.  The email for this was sent out via parent mail just before the school closed.  I will look forward to seeing some of your amazing work!

Stay safe, Mrs Gould

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Hello to my Outstanding Otters!  Missing you all already.  Keep working hard on your home learning challenges and I will look forward to seeing what you have done hopefully soon!

Take Care, from Mrs Gould

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30th January 2020

Otter class had an amazing day today! Jackson Pollock was the artist we focused on and the children learned lots of facts about this abstract artist. Ask them to share some of their knew knowledge with you. The children took part in lots of exciting activities which involved his style and technique of 'splashy' and 'drippy' art. They even had the opportunity to visit the hall to experience exactly how Jackson Pollock liked to paint - large scale and on the floor. 

Go Otters Go!

Well done to  our Otter team for taking part in the 'Northants Cricket Chance to Shine Skills Festival'.

24th January 2020

The Great Fire of London

13th December 2019

Otter Class had an amazing day recreating The Great Fire of London. 

Maths Day 

18th November 2019

Visit to the United Reformed Church 

14th November 2019

Today the Otters visited their second church in Wellingborough, the United Reformed Church. Liz kindly spent some time talking to us about the church, its features, its two nicknames (Pork Pie and Egg Church), what ceremonies and celebrations happen throughout the year, her role within the church and much more! Liz also played us a little tune on the organ, the children loved hearing the sounds come from the pipes and fill the church.

Visit to St Marks Church 

13th November 2019

Otter class were very excited to visit Father Ben at St Marks Church. The children spent time learning about the church, who attends, all of the different features and even had the chance to try on items of special clothing. Father Ben demonstrated how he would conduct a Christening  and share Communion.

Otter class spent a super afternoon taking part in lots of activities and experiments all about the human body.

As a WOW to end our topic we came to school dressed up as  our favourite superheroes. We were given the task to make a healthy pizza and had to use all of the skills that we have been practicing including chopping and grating! We also took part in lots of other fun activities such as creating a cartoon strip, cracking superhero codes and superhero yoga! 

A Very Special Letter

Today a letter arrived at school from Spiderman asking for our help to design a healthy sandwich that would give him enough energy to complete all his superhero missions.  As we have been learning about the 5 different food groups and the importance of eating a variety of foods we are obviously the perfect children to do this! During a tasting session we choose the foods that we would include in our sandwich. Then we practiced the skills we would need like chopping and grating. Finally we were ready to complete our design, always making sure that it met all of Spiderman's needs. We followed this to make our sandwich. An evaluation was the final process where we thought about what did and didn't work well and any way in which we could improve our sandwich. Yum!


As part of our Superheroes topic we have been looking at the book 'Supertato' and today the children had the opportunity to make their very own Supertato using various different resources.

RE art work September 2019

We learned that Muslims have 99 beautiful names for Allah, each with an English meaning.  We created these using Islamic symbols.