Spirituality Day – Wednesday 10th January 2024 

At Freeman’s Endowed and St Barnabas Church of England Primary Schools we have recognised the importance of supporting our children to grow and flourish spiritually. We have looked at specific ways that we can support the spiritual growth of our children and we began by considering what spirituality means to each of us. 


Defining spirituality proved challenging for all of us! However, we all agreed that spirituality involved an awareness of something greater than ourselves. We also recognised that it involved moments and experiences of awe and wonder in our own lives and in the wider world, and involved connection and reflection. We shared some definitions of spirituality, as well as attempting our own: We finally agreed on the following definition: 



On Wednesday 10th January, both St Barnabas and Freeman’s schools held a Spirituality DayThe day was introduced in Collective Worship and together we discussed what spirituality meant to usWe talked about Wow, Ow and Now moments and how we respond to those different moments in our lives.