School Meals

Hot school meals are currently free for all infant school pupils (this is known as Universal Infant School Meals) and these lunches are provided by our catering provider, abm catering.  Lunch menus are on a 3 week cycle and meals are cooked from fresh and we are a nut free school.  Meals are ordered by parents online through Parent Pay and where possible, meals should be ordered for the whole term in advance but can be ordered weekly or on the day before 8am.

Each day there is an option of a hot meal (meat and vegetarian), jacket potato (with cheese or beans) or sandwiches (ham, cheese or egg).  In addition the children have a pudding (which may consist of fresh fruit, cookie, cake, jelly or ice-cream - what is available that day). 

Current Information

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Spring-Summer Menu 2021

Spring-Summer Menu - allergens

Does your child have a food allergy?

Free milk is available in school for all children aged under five, funded by the UK government.  Once your child turns five, you will be offered the opportunity to pay a subsidised rate for your child to continue to receive milk or it will be funded by the school if you are in receipt of certain benefits.  Click here to contact Cool Milk direct if you wish your child to receive milk in school.