Kingfishers and Otters




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World Book Day
On 2nd March, to celebrate World Book Day, we had Iroko theatre company in. We had a wonderful day with them. We learnt an african dance and some interesting storytelling techniques! We really enjoyed ourselves.

Year 2 have been very lucky in Spring 1 and have had the team from NMPAT in to deliver music lessons. They taught us all about rhythm, pace, pitch and dynamics. We learnt lots of fun songs and how to play the glockenspiel! We really enjoyed it!

Fit Kids
On 20th January, we had Daniel from FitKids join us at school. We learnt all about keeping our body healthy. We learnt that we need plenty of sleep, water and food from each of the food groups. We played lots of games and had loads of fun!

WOW day Monday 5th September

As an introduction to our topic 'The Great Fire of London' we had a wow day. This began by taking torches into a dark school hall to discover various artefacts and clues relating to the fire. Then we researched the type of houses that lined the streets of London during this time and made a replica using a cereal box. Once completed the houses were placed close together, as they were in London and then we recreated the fire, gathering vocabulary using our senses and listing the various emotions the people witnessing this event might have felt. 


Kingfishers 2021-2022

St Marks Church Visit 16th June 2022

In RE this term our key question is 'What Makes a Place Sacred for Believers?'. Father Ben kindly welcomed us in to St Marks Church and spoke to us about the different celebrations that Christians attend the church for, special clothes that are worn (some of us even tried them on) and the artefacts that we would except to see inside a church. We all really enjoyed the visit (maybe not the walk!) and learnt lots to help us answer our key question.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations 27th May 2022

In school we celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee by learning about her reign, completing activities, drawing portraits of the Queen alongside wearing red, white and blue. We all enjoyed a special picnic lunch to remember and mark this historic occasion which we are proud to be a part of. 

Queens Jubilee - image 0
Queens Jubilee - image 1
Queens Jubilee - image 2
Queens Jubilee - image 3
Queens Jubilee - image 4
Queens Jubilee - image 5
Queens Jubilee - image 6
Queens Jubilee - image 7
Queens Jubilee - image 8
Queens Jubilee - image 9
Queens Jubilee - image 10

Irchester Country Park Visit 23rd May 2022

We had a fantastic day at Irchester Country Park learning all about habitats. Our rangers, Charlotte and Helen taught us so many interesting facts. First we started by pretending to be birds, searching for worms (of the woollen variety!) on trees, to teach us about camouflage. Next we saw the Spindle Tree which appeared to be ready for Halloween! We were surprised to learn that it was actually full of tiny caterpillars. Using nets we swooped through the grassland to see what mini beasts we could find and finished our session by looking under logs and exploring the forest school area of the park.

What an informative day we had!

Irchester - image 0
Irchester - image 1
Irchester - image 2
Irchester - image 3
Irchester - image 4
Irchester - image 5
Irchester - image 6
Irchester - image 7
Irchester - image 8
Irchester - image 9
Irchester - image 10
Irchester - image 11
Irchester - image 12
Irchester - image 13
Irchester - image 14
Irchester - image 15
Irchester - image 16
Irchester - image 17
Irchester - image 18
Irchester - image 19
Irchester - image 20
Irchester - image 21
Irchester - image 22
Irchester - image 23
Irchester - image 24
Irchester - image 25
Irchester - image 26
Irchester - image 27
Irchester - image 28
Irchester - image 29
Irchester - image 30
Irchester - image 31
Irchester - image 32
Irchester - image 33
Irchester - image 34
Irchester - image 35
Irchester - image 36
Irchester - image 37
Irchester - image 38

Skateboarding with Matt 18th May 2022

After a couple of unfortunate cancelled sessions, we were delighted to finally welcome Matt with his skateboards and safety equipment. Kingfisher Class demonstrated great partner work, helping each other to balance on the skateboard, jump on and off, as well as guiding each other across the playground. Some of us were very speedy and have a real talent for skateboarding!

Skateboarding - image 0
Skateboarding - image 1
Skateboarding - image 2
Skateboarding - image 3
Skateboarding - image 4
Skateboarding - image 5
Skateboarding - image 6
Skateboarding - image 7
Skateboarding - image 8
Skateboarding - image 9
Skateboarding - image 10
Skateboarding - image 11
Skateboarding - image 12
Skateboarding - image 13
Skateboarding - image 14
Skateboarding - image 15
Skateboarding - image 16
Skateboarding - image 17
Skateboarding - image 18
Skateboarding - image 19
Skateboarding - image 20
Skateboarding - image 21
Skateboarding - image 22
Skateboarding - image 23
Skateboarding - image 24
Skateboarding - image 25
Skateboarding - image 26
Skateboarding - image 27
Skateboarding - image 28
Skateboarding - image 29
Skateboarding - image 30
Skateboarding - image 31
Skateboarding - image 32
Skateboarding - image 33
Skateboarding - image 34
Skateboarding - image 35
Skateboarding - image 36
Skateboarding - image 37
Skateboarding - image 38
Skateboarding - image 39
Skateboarding - image 40
Skateboarding - image 41

NMPAT New Beats Team 10th May 2022

Today we were lucky to have a visit from the NMPAT New Beats Team, a band made up of 4 members. Tim 1 played drums and held the band together, Tim 2 played bass guitar, John played electric guitar and George was the vocalist. 

We absolutely loved the songs they played, our favourite being 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' from the Disney film Encanto.

We will be bringing home a leaflet tonight so please check our book bags.


Making Castles 29.03.2022

This term in Design Technology we have followed the design, make, evaluate process to make a castle. We designed a purposeful, functional castle selecting a range of materials and tools  to perform practical tasks such as cutting, shaping and joining. Our castle had to include a slider and a lever and look like a castle. When evaluating we thought about what worked well, which part was tricky and how we might improve it next time. Finally we gave it a score out of 10.

Experience Easter at St Barnabas Church 29th March 2022

 We visited the church where Mrs Deamer and other members of the church congregation told us the Easter Story. Each station told a different part of the story and had an activity to complete. We particularly enjoyed the bread and grapes at The Last Supper station.

 - image 0
 - image 1
 - image 2
 - image 3
 - image 4
 - image 5
 - image 6
 - image 7
 - image 8

Project Touchline Rugby

Every Friday we are joined by Chris from Project Touchline. He starts with an assembly celebrating a different school value each week which we then incorporate into our rugby sessions. There are lots of different games including Scarecrow Tag, Lions and rabbits, Seals and Sharks, The Jesus Game and Sumo Tag which we all have been enjoying. 

'My favourite game was Scarecrow tag because I enjoy tagging people.'

'Rugby is fun because we get to run around lots.'

Happy Red Nose Day!

Chance to Shine Cricket 17th March 2022

Our sporting experiences continued with a visit from Matt from Chance to Shine Cricket. Outside in the sunshine we learnt batting and bowling skills. Please look out for the leaflet we are bringing home. 

 - image 0
 - image 1
 - image 2
 - image 3
 - image 4
 - image 5
 - image 6
 - image 7

Tennis taster session 16th March 2022

Archery taster session 13th March 2022

We were visited by Stuart Bryce to give us an introduction to archery. We used the bow and arrow to aim at the target which we thoroughly enjoyed.

 - image 0
 - image 1
 - image 2
 - image 3
 - image 4
 - image 5
 - image 6
 - image 7
 - image 8
 - image 9
 - image 10

World Book Day 3rd March 2022

This year for World Book Day we all came into school wearing a mask of our favourite book character, we all looked amazing. During the day we shared  our books with our friends, completed activities and made our own colourful bookmark. 

Our day was made even more special with a visit from The Iroko Theatre Group. It started with an assembly where we heard and interacted with the story of The Chicken, The Cow and The Goat. It was so much fun. In our classroom we continues with this story using improvisation for different parts. We concluded the day with our dance session in the hall, some of us were even brave enough to freestyle at the end.

'It was creative!' 'It was fun!' 'It was the best day ever!'

Home Learning  22.2.22

home_learning_challenges_22.2.22.docx .docx .pub
ten_things_found_in_a_wizard_s_pocket.docx .docx
Science_table.docx .docx
Keep_Fit_and_healthy_PHSE.docx .docx

The Great Fire of London 1666

We have all really enjoyed our topic this term and have completed lots of incredible work in all areas of the curriculum. Please ask your children to share some of the facts and knowledge they have learnt in history, you will be impressed with how much they know.

In English we wrote non-chronological reports using headings and sub-headings to gather the relevant information under, After reading Toby and The Great Fire of London by Margaret Nash we wrote our own diary entries, in the first person, imagining we were Toby witnessing the events as they unfolded.

During art we have explored hot and cold colours. pattern, line, texture and shape and applied these skills to create a scene of London during the fire. They look amazing on display in the classroom.

As an end to the topic we had a WOW day. Everyone made a cereal box Tudor style house which we used to create The Great Fire of London on the playground.

Your children have worked incredibly hard this half term, Enjoy the holidays, have fun and remember to return with full reading records!

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 - image 1
 - image 2
 - image 3
 - image 4
 - image 5
 - image 6
 - image 7
 - image 8
 - image 9
 - image 10
 - image 11
 - image 12
 - image 13

Home Learning 7.2.22

Arithmetic_practise_1.docx .docx
Arithmetic_Practise_3.docx .docx
Arithmetic_Practise_2.docx .docx
fire_poem.docx .docx
home_learning_6.2.docx .docx
nrich_odd_and_even.docx .docx
t_e_2552558_dont_forget_your_jumper_year_2_differentiated_reading_comprehension_activity_ver_1.pdf .pdf

Home Learning 31.1.22

Powerpoint_Today_we_will_make_our_own_Tudor_house.pptx .pptx
home_learning_31.1.docx .docx
Before_and_After_Sheet.docx .docx
Activity_Sheet.pdf .pdf
t_l_52161b_year_2_spring_term_1_spag_activity_mats_ver_6.pdf .pdf

Home Learning 24.1.22

the_colours_of_friendship_phse.docx .docx
Science_recording_sheet.docx .docx
model_text_gunpoweder_plot.docx .docx
home_learning_challenges_24.1.22.docx .docx

Home Learning 17.1.22

Toby_and_the_Great_Fire_front_cover.docx .docx
Materials.pptx .pptx
learning_to_learn_phse_song.docx .docx
home_activity_ideas.docx .docx
Everyday_Materials_Photo_Cards.pdf .pdf
Toby_and_the_Great_Fire_squencing.docx .docx

Home Learning 10.1.22

History_storyboard_.docx .docx
english_shapes_to_match.docx .docx
Science_grid.docx .docx
Muhammad_and_the_cat.docx .docx
Home_Activity_Ideas.docx .docx

Home Learning 5.1.22

Happy New Year to you all! We hope you have a had a lovely break.

Home Learning for this week. Please let us know if you are joining us for the Maths Meeting on Zoom. 

A_Helicopter_Tour_of_London.pdf .pdf
home_learning_challenges_5.1.22.docx .docx
Comparison_sheet_for_history.docx .docx .pub
Charles_M_Info_sheet.pdf .pdf
Photos.docx .docx

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

We all had a fantastic time eating breakfast, doing a craft activity and getting a very special visit from Santa.

A big thank you from all the staff in Kingfisher Class for our lovely cards and gifts, it is very kind of you. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas with your amazing children. See you all in 2022!

Design a Christmas Jumper

Ahead of our Christmas jumper day this Friday we designed our own jumper. They were all very bright, colourful and festive! 

Home Learning week beginning 13th December

spot_the_difference.pdf .pdf
maths_mystery.pdf .pdf
paper_plate_angel.pdf .pdf
mystery_of_the_missing_reindeer.pdf .pdf
christmas_maze.pdf .pdf
christmas_calculations_code_breaker_activity.pdf .pdf
home_learning_challenges_13.12.21.docx .docx
25_days_of_christmas_festive_fitness_activities.pdf .pdf
christmas_coding.pdf .pdf

Shoe box Habitats

Our science topic this term has been living things and their habitats, which we have learnt is a natural environment or home for a variety of animals and plants. We researched various habitats, such as the Arctic, desert, woodland and oceans, focusing on what each habitat provided for the animals and plants that live there, as well as how the animal of plant was suited to it's habitat.

To finish this unit we all created a 'shoe box habitat.' 


 - image 0
 - image 1
 - image 2
 - image 3
 - image 4
 - image 5
 - image 6

Home Learning week beginning 6th December

Christmas_card_images_for_RE.docx .docx
home_learning_challenges_6.12.docx .docx
Design_and_animal_sheet_1_.pdf .pdf

Home Learning week beginning 29th November

Geography_Activity.docx .docx
Habitats_and_Animals_Matching_Activity.pdf .pdf
Habitats_and_Animals_Fact_and_Discussion_Cards.pdf .pdf
home_learning_challenges_29.11.21.docx .docx
T_T_11584_World_Map_with_Names_Continents_and_Oceans__ver_4.pdf .pdf
Images_of_duvet_covers_for_PHSE.docx .docx
World_Map.pdf .pdf

Amazing weaving

During art this term we have looked at Kente Cloths, which originate in Africa, thinking carefully about the meaning of each colour.

Then using the over and under technique we used different coloured paper strips to create our own cloths which we decorated using geometric shapes. Continuing with the same technique we then selected different fabrics and wove these on a cardboard weaving frame.

They both look amazing and so colourful hanging in our classroom.

Home Learning week beginning 22nd November

Below is the home learning if your child is isolating at home. Please inform the class teacher if you will be joining us for the maths meeting on zoom so we can set up the technology. (the link can be found at the bottom of the home learning grid)

Many thanks.

correct_the_sentence_punctuation_activity_sheets.pdf .pdf
Birds_in_Your_Garden_Differentiated_Reading_Comprehension_Activity.pdf .pdf
Oceans_of_the_world_map.pdf .pdf
home_learning_challenges_22.11.21.docx .docx
The_Seven_Continents_Labelling_Sheet.pdf .pdf


We celebrated Children in Need by wearing mufti for a donation. During the afternoon we had a Pudsy Bear colouring competition, well done to our three winners.


After learning about the Gunpowder Plot we discussed firework safety and completed a quiz to check our knowledge. Then we created firework art using pastels on black sugar paper. We loved it! Enjoy fireworks night and remember to stay safe!


We all looked amazing in our superhero costumes. We enjoyed making Supertatoes and creating a comic strip. As part of our Design Technology unit we followed our plans to make a superhero sandwich using the skills we have learnt and the knowledge of the different food groups. Our sandwiches were delicious! 



In science we investigated the best way to remove germs from our hands. Using glitter to represent the germs, first we we used cold water, then warm water, then cold water and soap and finally warm water and soap to see which way was the most effective. Our results showed us that the best way to remove bacteria was to wash our hands with warm water and soap as there was hardly any glitter left when we did this. We also watched a video, (and sang along loudly!) which showed us all the parts of our hands that we need to focus on, such as in between our fingers and our thumbs.

Our Keen Kingfishers have had an amazing first week back in school. We are so proud of them all for how well they have settled in and coped with the expectations of life in year 2. There has been amazing partitioning work in maths, great reading of our new text, Supertato by Sue Hendra as well as lots of work that has made our classroom look fantastic. They deserve a rest this weekend!

We hope you all had a great summer! We are looking forward to the start of a new academic year (hopefully one that is a little more normal!) and are excited to welcome all our new Kingfishers, along with their families tomorrow. If anyone is in a position where they have to isolate and be away from school then please do contact us on the email addresses below and we can put in place some live teaching sessions and remote learning if you are well enough. Please do check on this page to see some of the work we have been completing in school.

Thank you.



Kingfishers you are the best,

Enjoy your well earned rest!

We are very sad to see you go,

Please come back and say hello!

Home Learning week beginning 12th July 2021

home_learning_ideas_12.7.docx .docx

Home Learning week beginning 5th July 2021

planning_grid.docx .docx
home_learning_5.7.docx .docx
helpful_resources.docx .docx
Dependency_Activity_Sheet.pdf .pdf
The_Seaside_handwriting.docx .docx

Home Learning week beginning 28th June 2021

Modelled_text.docx .docx
home_learning_28.6.docx .docx
Food_Chain_Sorting_game.pdf .pdf
Story_plan_LHKL.docx .docx

Home Learning week beginning 21st June 2021

home_learning_21.6.docx .docx

Home Learning week beginning 14th June 2021

Thursday_reading_questions.docx .docx
PHSE_Young_to_old_powerpoint.pptx .pptx
Monday_grid.docx .docx
home_learning_14.6.docx .docx
Friday_lunchbox.docx .docx
T_Sc_147_Human_Growth_Timeline_Activity_Sheet__ver_3.pdf .pdf

Welcome back Kingfishers! We hope you all had a lovely week spending some quality time making memories in the sun with your families. We are looking forward to seeing you all in the morning, with reading records full of all your half term reading! Below is the home learning for this week, remember to let us know if you will be accessing the zoom sessions so we can prepare the relevant technology.

Home Learning week beginning 7th June 2021

home_learning_7.6.docx .docx
Tuesday_sheet.docx .docx
Thursday_sheet.docx .docx
Science_Sheet.docx .docx

Wishing all our amazing Kingfishers and their families a relaxing half term, hopefully in the sun! You have all worked so incredibly hard this term and we extremely proud of each and every one of you! We will see you all on June 7th for our final half term together.

Home Learning week beginning 24th May 2021

maths_activities_17.4_24.4.docx .docx
home_learning_24.5.docx .docx
sound_collecter_poem.docx .docx
monday_grid.docx .docx

Home Learning week beginning 17th May 2021

home_learning_17.5.docx .docx
The_Mighty_Oak_Tree_modelled_text.docx .docx
T2_E_289_Contractions_Worksheet_ver_3.pdf .pdf
planning_sheet.docx .docx
maths_activities_17.4_24.4.docx .docx
T_L_5657_Suffix_Word_List_ver_2.pdf .pdf

Home Learning week beginning 10th May 2021

Draw_a_Number_on_a_0_100_Numberline_Worksheets_with_Division_Marks.pdf .pdf
home_learning_10.5.docx .docx
Map_Symbols_Powerpoint.pptx .pptx
Middle_Map_Symbols_Activity_Sheets.pdf .pdf
Luke_11_9_to_13_story.docx .docx
T2_M_907_Shapes_for_Symmetry__ver_5.pdf .pdf
The_Mighty_Oak_Tree_modelled_text.docx .docx

Home Learning week beginning 3rd May 2021

Birds_in_Your_Garden_Differentiated_Reading_Comprehension_Activity.pdf .pdf
Fox_Reading_Comprehension.pdf .pdf
Emperor_Penguin_Life_Cycle_Differentiated_Reading_Comprehension_Activity.pdf .pdf
short_poems.docx .docx
Sharks_Differentiated_Reading_Comprehension_Activity.pdf .pdf
picture_of_pictures_friday.docx .docx
Hedgehogs_Differentiated_Reading_Comprehension_Activity.pdf .pdf
Minibeasts_Differentiated_Reading_Comprehension_Activity.pdf .pdf
home_learning_3.5.docx .docx
The_Little_Acorn_and_questions.pdf .pdf

Home learning week beginning 26th April 2021

Luke_17_11_to_10_Ten_Lepers.docx .docx
home_learning_26.4.docx .docx
The_Flower_modelled_text.docx .docx
Friday_book_review.pdf .pdf
Story_plan_The_Flower.docx .docx
weds_word_problems.docx .docx
Thursday_comparing_two_texts.docx .docx
thurs_word_problems.docx .docx

Home Learning week beginning 19th April 2021

tues_arithmetic.docx .docx
Luke_11_9_to_13_story.docx .docx
home_learning_19.4.docx .docx

Hello Kingfishers and welcome back to the summer term. We hope you are all looking forward to another term of learning, we can't wait to see you all tomorrow morning. (Please remember to order your lunches and bring a water bottle into school) Below is the home learning for anyone who may need to isolate. New Zoom links were emailed before the Easter break so hopefully you have those if needed. Please email us if you are planning on accessing Zoom so we can get the technology set up.

Home Learning week beginning 12th April 2021

The_Flower_modelled_text.docx .docx
Tuesday_what_I_know_grid.docx .docx
Tuesday_making_inferences.docx .docx
Friday_grid.docx .docx
home_learning.docx .docx
friday_questions_about_the_text.docx .docx
Wednesdays_character_inference.docx .docx

Happy Easter to all our Kingfisher Class and your families. Enjoy some time outside together, hopefully the sun will make an appearance too! See you on Tuesday 13th April for another busy term of learning.

We have had another great week in school. Lots of hard work and the winners of the reading trophy, well done Kingfishers! (Can we get all 30 next week?) Here is the home learning for the final week of the Spring term.

Home learning week beginning 22nd March 2021

George_and_the_Dragon_story_written.docx .docx
Story_plan.docx .docx
home_learning.docx .docx

Red Nose Day 19th March 2021

It has been lovely having the classroom full with all our Kingfishers who have returned to school with a positive attitude to their learning.

Here is the home learning if an isolation period or bubble closure occur. There will be two Zoom sessions per day in either instance, please remember to contact us so we can get the technology prepared.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support, it is very much appreciated.

Home Learning week beginning 15th March 2021

home_learning_challenges.docx .docx
george_and_the_dragon_text_written_.docx .docx
wednesday_english.docx .docx
tuesday_english.docx .docx
monday_english.docx .docx

Kingfishers, we have made it to the end of the final week of home learning. We are bursting with pride! You have made us smile every day when we see you all on Zoom and with the amazing work you have been sharing with us. You all looked amazing in your World Book Day masks too.

We will continue to post home learning challenges on here each week in case a period of isolation has to be completed. You will have received a letter from the office with details of Zoom links should this occur.

Be ready with those lovely smiles of yours to greet us at the door on Monday morning. We can't wait to have all our Kingfishers back with us!

Home learning week beginning 8th March 2021

word_problems_tues_maths.pdf .pdf
Mon_Maths.docx .docx
home_learning_challenges.docx .docx

Well, we have reached the end of another busy week with so much to celebrate. Two Home Hero Learners and an Amazing Artist award too, well done everyone! We are so proud of each and every one of you.

Here are your final home learning challenges before we all reunite in the classroom, we can't wait to see you all! One final push. Who will be our last Home Hero Learner?

Don't forget World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. Get creative making a mask of your favourite book character. We look forward to seeing you wearing them on Zoom.

Home learning week beginning 1st March 2021

Fri_maths.pdf .pdf
home_learning_challenges.docx .docx
Gruffalo_speech_bubble.docx .docx
Glossary_of_terminology_for_year_2.docx .docx
Friday_s_or_es_suffix_work.docx .docx
Friday_suffix_ed_or_ing.pdf .pdf
Friday_suffix_er_or_est_.pdf .pdf
Tuesday_follow_up_activity_sentence_types_.docx .docx
Tues_maths.pdf .pdf
Monday_follow_up_activity_word_classes_.docx .docx

Hello to our wonderful Kingfishers! We hope you all enjoyed your half term break. As we look forward to a brand new term, we hope you are still holding ten fingers in the air, ready for our countdown until we can all be back together again in our lovely classroom. (All ears on the announcement tomorrow.)

Below you will find your new learning challenges for this week which we hope you will all enjoy. Please remember to email Miss Lewis with any work you complete. Don't forget to log on to Purple Mash too and access the new list of '2DO' jobs that have been set. The alternative ideas document is also there for those days when something else is needed to help you through.

We look forward to seeing all your faces on our class Zoom sessions too. Due to parent meetings there won't be any class Zooms on Monday 22nd February, we will see you all on Tuesday. (9 days left then!)

An extra challenge has been set too for World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. Design and make a mask of your favourite book character to wear on the class Zoom sessions on that day. We can't wait to see who you all choose!

Keep going Kingfishers! You are all amazing and we are so proud of you all.



Example setting description of a castle  23rd February 2021

Setting_description_of_a_castle.docx .docx

Home Learning week beginning 22nd February 2021

castles_reading_comprehension.pdf .pdf
CEW_Wordsearch_2.pdf .pdf
castle_to_describe.docx .docx
CEW_wordsearch.pdf .pdf
Fractions_mon.docx .docx
Exploring_halves_monday.docx .docx
common_exception_words_activity.pdf .pdf
maths_tues.pdf .pdf
maths_fri.docx .docx
Keep_Fit_and_healthy_PHSE.docx .docx
t_t_5074_the_easter_story_powerpoint_ver_16.pptx .pptx

Alternative ideas for home learning

Alternative_iedas_for_home_learning.docx .docx

Well, Keen Kingfishers we have reached the end of another week and have so much to be proud of. We have read so many great letters to persuade the playground equipment to stay, well done! Tinga Tinga art has been enjoyed by you all, ( parents included) you are a very artistic bunch! So many creative habitats have also been made, even one that lights up! We are so pleased that you could apply all the knowledge you have learnt in your science lessons.

 Here are the final home learning challenges for this half term before we all have a well deserved and much needed break. Don't forget the alternative ideas too, for those days when you just need a change. Keep going everyone and remember to email your work in. Hopefully we'll be back together again soon. We miss you all!

Example planning grid for How Giraffe got his Long Neck

Story_plan_with_lenses_model.docx .docx

How Lion got his ROAR!! Kingfisher Class sentence stacking

Tinga_Tinga_sentence_stacking.docx .docx

Home Learning week beginning 8th February 2021

home_learning_challenges_8.2.21.docx .docx
how_lion_got_his_roar_.docx .docx
maths_tues.pdf .pdf
maths_lesson.pdf .pdf
maths_fri.pdf .pdf
How_Lion_got_his_Roar_plot_point_images.docx .docx
Story_plan.docx .docx
Story_ideas.docx .docx
prayer_mats.docx .docx
Mondrian_fact_file.docx .docx

Hello Keen Kingfishers! We are all missing you so much in school. Well done for completing so much work at home, it's been another great week with lots of emails to make us smile, please keep sending them. Thank you to the parents too, your support and kind words are much appreciated. We understand how hard this is for everyone. You should be proud of all that you are achieving, we certainly are! Enjoy the learning challenges for next week.

Underneath the home learning you will also find a document that has lots of ideas for alternative activities that you can complete at home. We all have days when the learning challenges seem a little too much and our motivation appears to have deserted us, even the adults. So if you are having one of those days, have a look at the grid and see if there is something on there that will lift your mood and give your brain the break that is perhaps longing for. 

Just remember that we would still like to see what you are achieving so please ask your grown ups to email some pictures to us.

Home learning week beginning 1st February 2021

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Fri_maths.pdf .pdf
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Home learning week beginning 25th January 2021

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Another great week of learning Kingfisher's, well done! We hope you enjoy the new learning challenges that you have been set. Thank you parents for all the emails, they really do make our day, please continue to send them in. Don't forget to look on Purple Mash for your '2Do' jobs that have been set. Who will our Home Hero Learner be next week?

Home learning week beginning 18th January 2021

Well done to all of the Kingfisher children for their hard work at home! It is a pleasure to look at the emails sent to us showing all of the activities and work that you have completed. Thank you to the parents for all of your support, it is greatly appreciated.

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T_L_5393_Past_and_Present_Tense_Test.pdf .pdf
The_Seven_Continents_Labelling_Activity_Sheet.pdf .pdf
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Home learning week beginning 11th January 2021

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Home learning week beginning 6th January 2021

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