Our Maths teaching is underpinned by the belief that all children need a deep understanding of the mathematics they are learning. This is what we mean by Mastery. There is one set of Mathematical concepts for all.  We ensure all pupils have access to these concepts and the rich connections between them. Mastery is, therefore, the aim for all children, hence we have an ambitious maths curriculum for all.  

Mastery is a continuum. We believe mastery is only going to be achieved when more time is spent on key concepts that are revisited and reviewed.  This allows for the development of depth and sufficient practice to embed learning. Devoting time to key concepts enables us to: 

  • Represent concepts in lots of different ways (multiple representations). 
  • Teach the processes, then allow the children to apply their knowledge, increasingly rapidly and accurately. Following a process / procedure won’t enable mastery; applying a process will.
  • Commit key facts to children’s long term memory.

Therefore, at an age-appropriate level, we expect the vast majority of our children to be able to:

  • Use mathematical concepts, facts and procedures appropriately, flexibly and fluently.
  • Have a sufficient depth of knowledge and understanding to reason and explain mathematical concepts and procedures and use them to solve a variety of problems. 
  • Recall key number facts e.g. number bonds and times tables with speed and accuracy and use them to calculate and work out unknown facts.